2014, family portrait, maternity portrait

allison: maternity

Before Allison & Doug welcomed the super handsome Stanley into the world, we did a quiet Maternity session at their home.  Snug in bed with warm cups of coffee (decaf for Allison, full strength for the future Dad), the couple read one of their favorite Dr Suess books and showed off Stanley’s new crib.  The lovely […]

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circa 2013, engagement session

mallory+jesse: engagement

My cousin Mallory is one amazing lady… she’s one of the funniest, thoughtful & most charming people I know.  I’ve spent many hours quoting movies, jamming out to great music, & laughing for ridiculously long amounts of time with her.  Really, she’s more like a sister to me than a cousin.  We even have some […]

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2014, wedding

tevin+jon: wedding

It all began with a Beach House concert, good friends, and a road trip to Tulsa.   Tevin was going to the concert with Alli, who just happened to invite her friend from high school to ride up to Tulsa with them.  Sometime during the trip, Alli whispered to Tevin “Hey, I really think you might like […]

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2014, a day in the life

porch mice

First of all…if you haven’t heard the Porch Mice, you really should remedy that right this second.  Because they are awesome.  I can’t describe their sound any better than awesome, so I will borrow their words: “hollering and muttering about love love and sad sad. catchy as the plague though. something papa can whistle in […]

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circa 2012, wedding

jodi+james: wedding

Jodi & James recently celebrated their 2 year anniversary and I couldn’t be happier for these two lovely people! These two lovebirds first met in Stillwater, OK and while they’ve built their lives together in Oklahoma City, it hasn’t stopped them from revisiting it a time or two.  Once to even shoot their super fun […]

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circa 2012, family portrait

feuerborn family

When Jessica & James asked me to photograph their family, I was so excited…their 3 kiddos are just little balls of joy and they are 2 of the best parents ever.  But this family photo shoot was extra special.  You see, it marked Jessica and James officially adopting Ashton, Avalyn and Doug.  It was a […]

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2014, children's portrait

kade: 6mo Portrait

Ok, seriously…how stinkin cute is this lil man?  Bow tie & suspenders?  Soft lil bebe hair that makes static electricity look good?  Kade has adorableness in spades! In this crazy & unpredictable world, there is something so special about watching two people find each other.  Especially when they’re two wonderful people like Rhiannon & Frank. […]

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2014, engagement session

tevin+jon: engagement

Tevin & Jon are the bees knees. Tevin is an animal advocate…she’s fostered more lovable, adorable, in-need animals than I can count and has helped connect them with their forever homes.  Jon is the co-owner of the most amazing vegan food truck, The Loaded Bowl…trust me, I have eaten some of their culinary delights & […]

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children's portrait, circa 2012


Let’s take a little trip down memory lane to when I first photographed the Robinson boys, Hayden & Nolan, back in 2012.  These two kiddos are just too cute!  Looking back at these images, it is amazing how much they’ve grown up (especially when compared to their most recent Robinson Family photo shoot)! A few […]

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circa 2012, wedding

rhiannon+frank: wedding

Rhiannon & Frank are one of my most favoritest couples ever.  Just being in their presence makes my heart happy…they remind the world that Love is joyful.  It’s fun and playful, supportive and encouraging.  And most of all, it’s about being with the person that makes your world a better place.  Rhiannon & Frank have found […]

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circa 2012, engagement session

jodi+james: engagement

Jodi came home one night and was immediately greeted by their 3 giant, energetic, and super lovable dogs.  This wasn’t unusual…Jazzy, Duke & Wilbur are always happy to see their momma.  But on Feb 22nd, 2012, their 3 giant, energetic, and super lovable dogs greeted Jodi with the beginning of a question: “Will you marry”. […]

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children's portrait, family portrait

robinson family

I met Colleen & her two adorable kiddos back in 2011 when we did a larger family portrait session for the holidays (browne+robinson family portrait).  Lucky for me, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family over the years.  It’s always so much fun to work with kids…especially when I get to see them grow up and […]

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