rhiannon+frank: wedding

Rhiannon & Frank are one of my most favoritest couples ever.  Just being in their presence makes my heart happy…they remind the world that Love is joyful.  It’s fun and playful, supportive and encouraging.  And most of all, it’s about being with the person that makes your world a better place.  Rhiannon & Frank have found that kind of Love.  Yes, it needs a capital ‘L’ because their love is so amazing it fills the room.

And for such a joyous occasion, their wedding needed bright yellow daisies, mini hamburgers, tons of great friends, laughter and dancing.  They even had fireworks!  Ok, so maybe the fireworks were for the 4th of July…but I really think the city was just joining the party & celebrating Rhiannon & Frank.

Rhiannon & Frank were officially married on July 4th, 2012 at the OKC Farmers Public Market, surrounded by their family, friends, and a whole lot of Love.

rhi+frank wedding_0007 rhi+frank wedding_0009 rhi+frank wedding_0012 rhi+frank wedding_0016 rhi+frank wedding_0022 rhi+frank wedding_0023 rhi+frank wedding_0024 rhi+frank wedding_0025 rhi+frank wedding_0027 rhi+frank wedding_0030 rhi+frank wedding_0032 rhi+frank wedding_0034 rhi+frank wedding_0036 rhi+frank wedding_0037 rhi+frank wedding_0038 rhi+frank wedding_0040 rhi+frank wedding_0041 rhi+frank wedding_0051 rhi+frank wedding_0055 rhi+frank wedding_0057 rhi+frank wedding_0058 rhi+frank wedding_0059 rhi+frank wedding_0061 rhi+frank wedding_0063 rhi+frank wedding_0065 rhi+frank wedding_0067 rhi+frank wedding_0068 rhi+frank wedding_0069 rhi+frank wedding_0072 rhi+frank wedding_0073 rhi+frank wedding_0074 rhi+frank wedding_0075 rhi+frank wedding_0078 rhi+frank wedding_0079 rhi+frank wedding_0080 rhi+frank wedding_0081 rhi+frank wedding_0082 rhi+frank wedding_0083 rhi+frank wedding_0085 rhi+frank wedding_0086 rhi+frank wedding_0087 rhi+frank wedding_0088 rhi+frank wedding_0090 rhi+frank wedding_0091


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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