jodi+james: engagement

Jodi came home one night and was immediately greeted by their 3 giant, energetic, and super lovable dogs.  This wasn’t unusual…Jazzy, Duke & Wilbur are always happy to see their momma.  But on Feb 22nd, 2012, their 3 giant, energetic, and super lovable dogs greeted Jodi with the beginning of a question: “Will you marry”.  Jodi looked up, happy tears shining in her eyes, and saw James holding a sparkling ring and wearing a shirt that simply read: “Me?”

These crazy kids love each other…so obviously she immediately said “Yes!!”

For their Engagement Session, we decided to revisit Jodi & James’ old stomping grounds (not to mention where they first fell in love)…Stillwater, OK.  We walked around OSU’s campus, had to take a quick break for ice cream, and then took a stroll through some beautiful fields.

Jodi+James Engagement_0000 Jodi+James Engagement_0001 Jodi+James Engagement_0003 Jodi+James Engagement_0004 Jodi+James Engagement_0005 Jodi+James Engagement_0006 Jodi+James Engagement_0008 Jodi+James Engagement_0009 Jodi+James Engagement_0010 Jodi+James Engagement_0011 Jodi+James Engagement_0013 Jodi+James Engagement_0014 Jodi+James Engagement_0015 Jodi+James Engagement_0016 Jodi+James Engagement_0021 Jodi+James Engagement_0022


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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