I’ve always considered myself a creative person.  Ok, I know that sounds cliché.  But it’s true.  I just had one little problem…I could never take the image I saw in my head and actually create it.  I tried every medium I could think of.  Drawing?  Forget about it.  My 3 yr old pretend-nephews can out-draw me any day.  Sculpting?  If making lumps of clay look like lumps of clay is considered cool, consider me Miles Davis.  Painting?  Oh, let’s not even go there…I got more paint on me than on the canvas.

After all of my searching for a creative medium to call my own, there was one that I’d never tried.  Photography.

Oh, I had a point-and-shoot and mastered the “selfie” shot.  But I’d never tried one of the big, scary, awesome looking cameras.  I spent a year hanging out with my best friend Katie who is a professional (genius!) photographer.  I watched her pick up her camera and capture these amazing images so effortlessly.  I’d eye the camera when she’d leave it on the table.  It was an interesting mixture of technology, art, and creativity.  I was fascinated.  But I was scared to ask her to teach me.

One day back in 2009, I finally gathered up my courage…I honestly don’t know why it took me so long, it’s not like she’s a meanie pants who wouldn’t help me.  She handed me her camera, explained how it worked, and let me play.  And that was it.  Magic.  I finally found the tool that allowed me to take the ideas in my mind and show them to the world.  I finally found something that allowed me to capture these beautiful moments I see every day.  I finally found me.

And you know what the best part is?  People invite me into their lives to capture those special moments…to capture the joy of a new life, their declaration of love and promise, or just the simple moments of being a family.

Here are some of my favorite images from my portrait sessions, weddings, and my every-day life.


p.s.  I’d love the opportunity to be your photographer!

For more information & pricing, drop me a line at meredith@merrybphotography.com

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