2014, family portrait

the archambos + the feuerborns: family portrait

What do you get when you have 3 families, 3 generations, 4 darling kiddos, and a beautiful August day? One super fun photo shoot!  Especially when all of the people in these photos are some of my favoritest people ever. We took advantage of having all 3 families in Oklahoma City (not to mention the Spring-like […]

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2014, children's portrait

kade: 6mo Portrait

Ok, seriously…how stinkin cute is this lil man?  Bow tie & suspenders?  Soft lil bebe hair that makes static electricity look good?  Kade has adorableness in spades! In this crazy & unpredictable world, there is something so special about watching two people find each other.  Especially when they’re two wonderful people like Rhiannon & Frank. […]

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circa 2012, engagement session

jodi+james: engagement

Jodi came home one night and was immediately greeted by their 3 giant, energetic, and super lovable dogs.  This wasn’t unusual…Jazzy, Duke & Wilbur are always happy to see their momma.  But on Feb 22nd, 2012, their 3 giant, energetic, and super lovable dogs greeted Jodi with the beginning of a question: “Will you marry”. […]

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