kade: 6mo Portrait

Ok, seriously…how stinkin cute is this lil man?  Bow tie & suspenders?  Soft lil bebe hair that makes static electricity look good?  Kade has adorableness in spades!

In this crazy & unpredictable world, there is something so special about watching two people find each other.  Especially when they’re two wonderful people like Rhiannon & Frank.  What’s even more special is being witness to them pledging their love for each other in front of their family & friends.  And hey, I should know… I had the incredible honor of photographing both their Engagement Session and their Wedding.  It was rad.

Recently this wonderful family of two became a wonderful family of three!  Frank Victor Roesler IV (or Kade as his friends call him) is simply perfect.  His big blue eyes take in the world with such wonder.  And his face just lights up anytime he sees his mom or dad.  For his 6mo Portrait Session, we decided to take a little stroll to their neighborhood park to show off Kade’s major ‘sitting up on his own’ skills!

Kade 6mo_0002 Kade 6mo_0003 Kade 6mo_0005 Kade 6mo_0006 Kade 6mo_0007 Kade 6mo_0015 Kade 6mo_0016 Kade 6mo_0017 Kade 6mo_0018 Kade 6mo_0019 Kade 6mo_0022 Kade 6mo_0023 Kade 6mo_0024 Kade 6mo_0025 Kade 6mo_0026 Kade 6mo_0028 Kade 6mo_0029 Kade 6mo_0031 Kade 6mo_0032


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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