tevin+jon: engagement

Tevin & Jon are the bees knees.

Tevin is an animal advocate…she’s fostered more lovable, adorable, in-need animals than I can count and has helped connect them with their forever homes.  Jon is the co-owner of the most amazing vegan food truck, The Loaded Bowl…trust me, I have eaten some of their culinary delights & it is beyond AMAZE.  You’ll find this dynamic duo serving up some delish, conscious comfort food all around OKC.

See?  These two are totally the bees knees.  But beyond having a super legit day job, they are the most genuine & kind-hearted people you’ll ever meet.

Before their Engagement Session, Tevin mentioned that they needed to swing by Urban Agrarian to pick up some produce.  Grocery shopping at a super rad place?  Sounds like a Photo Op to me!  From there, we went back to their home to capture some quiet moments around their beautiful space.  And naturally we had to include their four-legged friends…Dmitri, Charlie, and Georgia.

Ok, quick ‘photographer ramble’…So there are times where I am crazy photographer bossy-lady pants.  I come up with ideas like “we’re going to drift flower petals in front of you for a few minutes”.  And I have a tendency to shout out directions like “show me ‘laser eyes!'”,  “give her a kiss!”, and “don’t scrunch up!  Long & lean neck!” (hey, I’m never going to let you look bad in your pics!)  But the real gems that I absolutely love Love LOVE are when people relax & forget that I’m even there.  This is when I’m able to capture those quiet moments.  It’s like the camera lens gets to take a peek inside these two wonderful people’s lives and see the amazingness that is their relationship.  Tevin & Jon trusted me enough to allow this to happen…and what a beautiful gift that is.  It makes my photographer heart just sing.

But more importantly, it lets the beauty of these two wonderful people shine bright.

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Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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