2014, children's portrait

kade: 6mo Portrait

Ok, seriously…how stinkin cute is this lil man?  Bow tie & suspenders?  Soft lil bebe hair that makes static electricity look good?  Kade has adorableness in spades! In this crazy & unpredictable world, there is something so special about watching two people find each other.  Especially when they’re two wonderful people like Rhiannon & Frank. […]

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circa 2012, wedding

rhiannon+frank: wedding

Rhiannon & Frank are one of my most favoritest couples ever.  Just being in their presence makes my heart happy…they remind the world that Love is joyful.  It’s fun and playful, supportive and encouraging.  And most of all, it’s about being with the person that makes your world a better place.  Rhiannon & Frank have found […]

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circa 2011, engagement session

rhiannon+frank engagement

I met Frank back in high school…which, let’s be honest, was a looooong time ago.  He is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy with an off beat sense of humor and the biggest heart of anyone I know.  He’s also one of the most tech savvy guys I know & can whip up an AutoCAD design […]

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