the archambos + the feuerborns: family portrait

What do you get when you have 3 families, 3 generations, 4 darling kiddos, and a beautiful August day?

One super fun photo shoot!  Especially when all of the people in these photos are some of my favoritest people ever.

We took advantage of having all 3 families in Oklahoma City (not to mention the Spring-like weather) and took a little tour of the beautiful Will Roger’s Gardens.  The kiddos ran around, made some silly faces, and of course had some precious smiles.  Jessica & James and Doug & Allison laughed and joked around (and even made some silly faces at the kids to get those previously mentioned precious smiles).  But I think that Mike & Brenda, surrounded by their children and amazing grandkids, had the best time of all.

Archambo+Feuerborn family_0001 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0002 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0003 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0004 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0005 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0006 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0007 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0008 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0009 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0010 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0011 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0012 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0013 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0014 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0015 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0016 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0017 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0018 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0019 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0020 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0021 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0022 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0023 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0024 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0025 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0026 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0027 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0028 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0029 Archambo+Feuerborn family_0030


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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