the smiths: family portrait

I am so beyond excited to share my 1st photo session with the Smith Family!  From the second I met them, I just knew they were amazing.  And the more I get to know them, I am finding out that they are so beyond amazing.

Little Hunter has completely stolen my heart.  He is all sweet smiles and big blue eyes.  And he even decided that he was ready to stand up on his own during our photo shoot! How lucky of a photographer am I to be able to capture that?!?

Hunter has some pretty legit parents too.  Andrea and Kyle are so fun…they go together like peas & carrots.  Andrea’s bubbly personality is contagious and I pretty much want her to style my whole entire life.  Kyle is hilarious & laid back…which is fortunate since Andrea & I kept coming up with ideas for future photo shoots even as we were snapping pictures.

But my favorite thing about them is how their joy for life & for their family just radiates from every picture.  The Smiths are seriously A.Maze.Ing.

smith_family_winter_0001 smith_family_winter_0002 smith_family_winter_0003 smith_family_winter_0004 smith_family_winter_0005 smith_family_winter_0006 smith_family_winter_0007 smith_family_winter_0008 smith_family_winter_0009 smith_family_winter_0010 smith_family_winter_0011 smith_family_winter_0012 smith_family_winter_0013 smith_family_winter_0014 smith_family_winter_0015 smith_family_winter_0016 smith_family_winter_0017 smith_family_winter_0018 smith_family_winter_0019 smith_family_winter_0020 smith_family_winter_0021 smith_family_winter_0022 smith_family_winter_0023 smith_family_winter_0024 smith_family_winter_0025 smith_family_winter_0026 smith_family_winter_0027 smith_family_winter_0028 smith_family_winter_0029 smith_family_winter_0030


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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