jocelyn: senior portrait

Please allow me to introduce this fabulous young lady to you because I sure did have a blast spending a perfect March day photographing her Senior Portrait!


Jocelyn is seriously delightful.  She is sweet & thoughtful with a love of history and some mad Golf playing skills!  She’s very very close to her 2 older sisters & father..and don’t worry, all 3 were there to help make sure she looked amazing!


Which she did.  In spades.  I mean, c’mon…look at those piercing blue eyes!  And that luxurious mane of hair!  And the totes fabulous trench vest which I may or may not have threatened to steal multiple times!  I would give her a pose suggestion and…BAM!…Jocelyn took it to next level awesomeness.  Which of course would make me photo nerd out because everything in the pic was so awesome and I just can’t contain my excitement when I’m in photo-awesome-ville.  And then she would just laugh and say something modest because that’s the sweet kind of gal she is.

The camera simply loves Jocelyn because she is beautiful both inside & out.

Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0001Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0002Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0003Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0004Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0005Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0006Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0007Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0008Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0009Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0010Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0011Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0012Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0013Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0014Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0015Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0016Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0017Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0018Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0019Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0020Jocelyn Senior Portrait_0021



Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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