2016, senior portrait

jocelyn: senior portrait

Please allow me to introduce this fabulous young lady to you because I sure did have a blast spending a perfect March day photographing her Senior Portrait!   Jocelyn is seriously delightful.  She is sweet & thoughtful with a love of history and some mad Golf playing skills!  She’s very very close to her 2 older […]

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circa 2013, wedding

mallory+jesse: wedding

Let’s take a little trip back into time, shall we?  I’ve hopped into my time machine & you should do the same…don’t forget to buckle your seat belt!  Now set the dial for August 31st, 2013.  Or as I like to call it, the day of Mallory & Jesse’s Wedding Extravaganza!   It was the […]

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2014, senior portrait

greer: senior portrait

Greer is amazing.  I would say she’s kiiiiiiind of a big deal, but there is no ‘kiiiiiiind of’ about it.  She’s a big deal.  For reals.   She’s beautiful, with the most enviable hair, bright blue eyes, and a smile that lights up her whole face.  Add to that, she’s one smart cookie.  She’s in […]

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children's portrait, family portrait

robinson family

I met Colleen & her two adorable kiddos back in 2011 when we did a larger family portrait session for the holidays (browne+robinson family portrait).  Lucky for me, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family over the years.  It’s always so much fun to work with kids…especially when I get to see them grow up and […]

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circa 2011, engagement session

megan+kodi engagements

Ok, so I seriously don’t know where to start with the introduction of these two amazing people.  Megan & Kodi are two of my bestest friends.  I met Megan back in 2007 and she has held a special place in my heart ever since.  She is kind and generous…always happy to lend a helping hand or […]

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