maverick: newborn

You guuuuuuuuuyyyyyyssssss…Kade is a Big Brother!  


That’s right, my favoritests Roeslers are now a family of 4!  And Mr Maverick is just the cutest lil dude that ever was.  He’s all big brown eyes and sweet baby smiles and cute lil baby rolls.  I feeeeeel like his big brother Kade has taught him a lot already on how to be super adorable.  And watching these two interact…you can tell that Maverick & Kade are already the bestest of friends.


And we couldn’t resist recreating the porch swing pic from Frank & Rhi’s Engagement Session…it is so much fun to see how their lives have grown together!  It’s that kind of magic that makes my lil photographers heart so happy!!!!!


Also, time has seriously flown by since this photo shoot back in October…I’m so looking forward to Maverick’s 6mo photo shoot this weekend.  So get ready for allllllll the adorableness!


Maverick Newborn_0001Maverick Newborn_0002Maverick Newborn_0003Maverick Newborn_0004Maverick Newborn_0005Maverick Newborn_0006Maverick Newborn_0007Maverick Newborn_0008Maverick Newborn_0009Maverick Newborn_0010Maverick Newborn_0011Maverick Newborn_0012Maverick Newborn_0013Maverick Newborn_0014Maverick Newborn_0015frank sneak
oh how I love the Engagement photo recreation!!!!Maverick Newborn_0022Maverick Newborn_0017Maverick Newborn_0018Maverick Newborn_0019Maverick Newborn_0020Maverick Newborn_0021

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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