nicole+jacob: wedding

I am so excited to share this beautiful wedding from March!

And it wasn’t the perfect weather, or the fact that every tulip decided to be in bloom, or eeeeven the handsome Pomeranian, Leo, in a tux (although, let’s be honest…he was super dapper). No friends, it was watching two amazing people stand before their friends & family and say, “I do!”

Nicole & Jacob are two of the kindest, most generous people I have had the pleasure to know. They are always there to lend a helping hand, give a word of encouragement or share a day-brightening smile. So it’s no wonder that their friend from church decided to set them up on a blind date! And it just gives a little bit of fairy tale magic to know that a single blind date is what set this amazing couple in motion.

So on a beautiful March day, with every tulip in bloom & a dapper Leo in attendance, Nicole walked down the aisle to her Prince Charming. And Jacob watched Nicole walk towards him with the biggest smile ever because he finally found someone as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside (which is quite a lot because Nicole is gorgeous).  Their friends & family watched them exchange their promise to stand by each other on their life’s journey and celebrated Nicole & Jacob’s Happily Ever After…

Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0001 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0002 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0003 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0004 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0005 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0006 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0007 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0008 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0009 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0010 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0011Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0020Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0021Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0022Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0023 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0012 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0013 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0014 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0015 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0016 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0017 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0018 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0019
Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0024 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0025 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0026 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0027 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0028 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0029 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0030 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0031 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0032 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0033 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0034 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0035 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0036 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0037 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0038 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0039 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0040 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0041 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0042 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0043 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0044 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0045 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0046 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0047 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0048 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0049 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0050 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0051 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0052 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0053 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0054 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0055 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0056 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0057 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0058 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0059 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0060 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0061 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0062 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0063 Nicole+Jacob Wedding_0064


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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