2015, children's portrait

stanley: 1yr portrait

I cannot believe that Stanley is One!!! It seems like it was just last week I was shooting Allison’s maternity portrait…and then yesterday that I photographed his Newborn portrait. But now he is One! It’s been a whole year of watching him smile, and crawl, and stand up on his own. A whole year of […]

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2015, maternity portrait

tricia: maternity

There is something so magical about the last few weeks of pregnancy. There’s this sense of peace & calm…the nursery is ready, the tiniest little clothes have been washed and folded, and all there is to do is wait. It’s a quiet sense of joy. A time of shared smiles between the soon-to-be mother & […]

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2015, newborn portrait

maggie: newborn

    There is something so precious about newborns.  It is the awe of new parents as they watch their sleeping child.  It’s the promise of a new life & a new story waiting to be told.   And watching Ben & Audrey as they held Maggie just made my heart melt.  This beautiful baby girl […]

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2015, a day in the life

oklahoma daydream: wichita mountains

With the change of the season and all the awesome things that come with it (like flowers, and warm, sunny days), I have found myself with a serious case of the “Huzzah! Spring is Here!”-itis. All I want to do is be outside…either walking or pretending that I can run (it’s really just slightly faster […]

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2015, children's portrait, holiday session

ryan: valentine’s mini session

It is so much fun when kiddos reach that inquisitive age where everything fascinates them.  Miss Ryan is definitely fascinated by everything around her…from her awesome pink baby Chucks to the bouquet of flowers.  And once she has discovered something new, she looks up and beams the most beautiful smile at her momma.

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