tricia: maternity

There is something so magical about the last few weeks of pregnancy. There’s this sense of peace & calm…the nursery is ready, the tiniest little clothes have been washed and folded, and all there is to do is wait. It’s a quiet sense of joy. A time of shared smiles between the soon-to-be mother & father and just enjoying the time they have as a couple. There’s the wonder & hope for this new life they will soon be welcoming to the world. And it is one of the most beautiful times to witness.

On a lovely Saturday morning in March, I was so honored to document this special time for Tricia & Bryan. They spent the morning as they normally would, cooking a delicious meal and discussing the plan for their day. I then got to take a peek at the nursery…Brian painted the stunning wall mural & there’s even a sweet cross-stitched pillow that Tricia made when she was a child. And Mother Nature was kind enough to provide us with a beautiful backdrop of Bradford Pear blossoms.

On May 3rd, Tricia & Bryan welcomed Evelyn Mae into the world. And she is absolute perfection.


tricia maternity_0001 tricia maternity_0002 tricia maternity_0003 tricia maternity_0004 tricia maternity_0005 tricia maternity_0006 tricia maternity_0007 tricia maternity_0008 tricia maternity_0009 tricia maternity_0010 tricia maternity_0011 tricia maternity_0012 tricia maternity_0013 tricia maternity_0014 tricia maternity_0015 tricia maternity_0016 tricia maternity_0017 tricia maternity_0018 tricia maternity_0019 tricia maternity_0020 tricia maternity_0021 tricia maternity_0022 tricia maternity_0023 tricia maternity_0024


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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