the guinns: family portrait

Ohmahgah get ready to fall in love with the Guinns.  Because I know I sure did.


I was trying to think of adjectives to describe their awesomeness & the list was getting really really long.  Basically, they are a Unicorn Family.  Which, in Meredith-land, means they are funny and charming and upbeat (even on a very early morning shoot) and genuinely have a great time together (all times a million)…but in a ‘this is just the kind of people we are’ way & not like they were putting on an act for the camera. See?  Magical!  Like a Unicorn!  Like a family of Unicorns!


I honestly don’t think John stopped smiling the whole time.  You can just tell he is loving every second he gets to spend with Kelly & Genevieve.  Kelly…well she is just amazing through & through.  I just loved watching her interact with Genevieve (those sweet mother/daughter moments totes tug on the heart strings!).  And little Genevieve?   She is beeeeyooooond wonderful.  She’s all sweet smiles with just a hint of mischief…my kinda gal.  I know she has got big, wonderful things in her future!


So without further ado…here is the delightful Guinn Family photo shoot from October 2015…

Guinn Family_0001Guinn Family_0002Guinn Family_0003Guinn Family_0004Guinn Family_0005Guinn Family_0006Guinn Family_0007Guinn Family_0008Guinn Family_0009Guinn Family_0010Guinn Family_0011Guinn Family_0012Guinn Family_0013Guinn Family_0014Guinn Family_0015Guinn Family_0016Guinn Family_0017Guinn Family_0018Guinn Family_0019Guinn Family_0020Guinn Family_0021Guinn Family_0022


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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