brett: 2mo portrait

I want to share with you all a caption that Andrea shared on Instagram because I am just in love with her words.

            “I constantly hear that I have my hands full.  It is also usually accompanied by big eyes and sighs as if they are tired just watching me juggle these two.  People are right.  I have my hands full.  Full of love.  Full of giggles.  Full of messes.  Fill of dirty diapers.  And full of sweet moments that I desperately hold dear & pray I never forget.  Sometimes things are hard and really challenging, but I try to embrace this sweet season with my very full hands.”


And it’s true.  Part of what makes my job so special is that I get to witness this family that has so much love & kindness continue to grow.  I get to capture Brett’s sweet first smiles & watch Hunter proudly throw the football (even if it is almost as big as he is).  I get to laugh with Andrea & Kyle as they get into cheesy “Prom Pose” which then turns into a sweet, quiet moment which then turns into Kyle licking Andrea’s face and cracking up.  And every little bit of it is amazing.

Brett 2mo_0001Brett 2mo_0002Brett 2mo_0003Brett 2mo_0004Brett 2mo_0005Brett 2mo_0006Brett 2mo_0007Brett 2mo_0008Brett 2mo_0009Brett 2mo_0010Brett 2mo_0011Brett 2mo_0012Brett 2mo_0013Brett 2mo_0014Brett 2mo_0015Brett 2mo_0016Brett 2mo_0017Brett 2mo_0018




Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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