oklahoma daydream: great salt plains

I love Oklahoma.  I love that I can hop in the car, drive 2 ½ hrs & be in a strange and wonderful place… The Great Salt Plains.

If you’ve never been there before, you need to go.  Back back back in the day I went with my high school Geology class & remember it being neat.  And as an adult, it totally stands the test of time.

It is just miles of desolate landscape.  The wind is the only thing you can hear.  And we couldn’t have been happier to spend hours digging in the mud to uncover the salt crystals.  Blake found some pretty impressive crystals while I found all the tiny ones.  But honestly, I was just happy to spend the time taking pictures of this crazy landscape (and Blake).

great salt plains_0001 great salt plains_0002 great salt plains_0003 great salt plains_0004 great salt plains_0005 great salt plains_0006 great salt plains_0007 great salt plains_0008 great salt plains_0009


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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