natalie+nick: wedding

I need you all to get ready for this gallery.  Like, for reals, prepare yourself to meet Natalie + Nick because they are two of the most amazing people.  Ever.

The first time I spoke on the phone with this dynamic duo, I was on a road trip with my boyfriend.  I hung up the phone, was bouncing up in down in my seat and squealing several octaves higher than normal “ohmygah they are the COOLEST people ever and this wedding is going to be awesome and the food is going to be awesome and the venue is going to be awesome and I am so so so so so happy that they picked meeeeee!!!!!”  To which he replied, “yeah, it seems like it from what I heard.  And please tell me that when you said “it’s like a match made in Heaven” that you were talking about the bride & groom…”

Friends, Natalie & Nick are definitely a match made in Heaven.  But at that moment, I wasn’t talking about the bride & groom.  I was talking about us being a match made in photographer Heaven.  Because I just knew in the 30 minute convo with them that they were my kind of people.  They’re the kind of people who have so much Joy in life that it is contagious.  Plus they have a pretty epic ‘How They Met’ story.  Which I am totally stealing their words because I cannot do it justice…

There was an instant connection between us the first time we met at Polyphonic Spree rehearsal. Maybe it was how cool Nick looked with his long hair and seafoam green Jazzmaster. Or maybe it was how graceful and elegant Natalie looked as she hit herself in the face with her microphone while singing. Whatever it was, it was a feeling that couldn’t be ignored. And thanks to a little help from some of our friends, we became the unstoppable, albeit clumsy, duo we are today.

See?  See what I mean?  Don’t you just love them already & you haven’t even seen the pics!

On May 1, 2015, in an intimate backyard wedding full of magic and merriment, these two wonderful people stood before their friends & family.  They shared their hopes & dreams for their future and made their pledges to do this crazy thing we call Life together with Love and Joy.

natalie+nick_0001 natalie+nick_0002 natalie+nick_0003 natalie+nick_0004 natalie+nick_0005 natalie+nick_0006 natalie+nick_0007 natalie+nick_0008 natalie+nick_0009 natalie+nick_0010 natalie+nick_0011 natalie+nick_0012 natalie+nick_0013 natalie+nick_0014 natalie+nick_0015 natalie+nick_0016 natalie+nick_0017 natalie+nick_0018 natalie+nick_0019 natalie+nick_0020 natalie+nick_0021 natalie+nick_0022 natalie+nick_0023 natalie+nick_0024 natalie+nick_0025 natalie+nick_0026 natalie+nick_0027 natalie+nick_0028 natalie+nick_0029 natalie+nick_0030 natalie+nick_0031 natalie+nick_0032 natalie+nick_0033 natalie+nick_0034 natalie+nick_0035 natalie+nick_0036 natalie+nick_0037 natalie+nick_0038 natalie+nick_0039 natalie+nick_0040 natalie+nick_0041 natalie+nick_0042 natalie+nick_0043 natalie+nick_0044 natalie+nick_0045 natalie+nick_0046 natalie+nick_0047 natalie+nick_0048 natalie+nick_0049 natalie+nick_0050 natalie+nick_0051 natalie+nick_0052 natalie+nick_0053 natalie+nick_0054 natalie+nick_0055natalie+nick_0075natalie+nick_0076
natalie+nick_0057 natalie+nick_0058 natalie+nick_0059 natalie+nick_0060 natalie+nick_0061 natalie+nick_0062 natalie+nick_0063 natalie+nick_0064 natalie+nick_0065 natalie+nick_0066 natalie+nick_0067 natalie+nick_0068natalie+nick_0056 natalie+nick_0069 natalie+nick_0070 natalie+nick_0071 natalie+nick_0072 natalie+nick_0073 natalie+nick_0074

Congratulations Natalie + Nick!  Here’s to a million more days of you two being an amazing & dynamic duo!!!

A huge ‘Thank you!’ to my Associate Photographer, Julie, for all of your hard work & helping me document this wonderful day!  You’re the best!!!


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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