2016, newborn portrait

kerrington: newborn

Get ready for your heart to melt.  I know mine certainly did during Kerrington’s Newborn portrait.   This precious little girl was just the sweetest little thing I’ve ever seen.  And when Kambridge brought out her wedding dress, my photographer’s heart just burst with joy.  Because seriously, a beautiful baby girl sleeping on her mother’s […]

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2015, newborn portrait

tristan: newborn

My heart is just about to burst with happiness as I introduce to you all one very handsome little man, Tristan. You see, I have the incredible privilege to have his mom & dad as my best friends.  And I’ve also had the incredible honor to document their journey as a family.  I’ve instantly bonded […]

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circa 2010, family portrait

rataic family

Once upon a time, in the year 2007, I moved back to OKC and started a brand new job.  While I was in training I met this really awesome chick named Ashley and asked if she wanted to go to lunch.  She said yes and I thought to myself “sweet! I just made my first […]

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