circa 2010, family portrait, photo projects


In honor of (belated) Father’s Day, I want to share this concept shoot I did back in 2010.   One of the people I admire most in this world is my father.  He has the ability to walk into a room and the world is immediately a better place.  He is funny and charming.  He […]

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a day in the life, circa 2012, photo projects

being invisible

Sometimes it’s a good thing.  Just to soak into your surroundings, blend in and become a part of them.  It’s a conscious choice. Other times, it’s a bad thing.  When you feel that you are fading away and not a single person acknowledges it. And then there are the comic books, with invisibility being a […]

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circa 2011, photo projects

being underwater

When I was but a young little Meredith, one of the most magical places for me was my Grand Bob’s house.  Once a week, I would get to spend the day with him and his housekeeper, Nina, who was a beloved family friend.  Both of them are two my favorite people in the whole wide […]

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