2014, wedding

meghan+scott: wedding

Meghan & Scott are super rad people. They’re the kind of people that you feel like you’ve known forever.  They are quick with a smile and a laugh that sets you at ease.  They both have super rad interests…Scott is in a bad’ss band, Meghan is a roller derby bad’ss (and while she’s recently hung […]

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2015, children's portrait, holiday session

ryan: valentine’s mini session

It is so much fun when kiddos reach that inquisitive age where everything fascinates them.  Miss Ryan is definitely fascinated by everything around her…from her awesome pink baby Chucks to the bouquet of flowers.  And once she has discovered something new, she looks up and beams the most beautiful smile at her momma.

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2014, family portrait, holiday session

the smiths: family portrait

I am so beyond excited to share my 1st photo session with the Smith Family!  From the second I met them, I just knew they were amazing.  And the more I get to know them, I am finding out that they are so beyond amazing. Little Hunter has completely stolen my heart.  He is all […]

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2014, family portrait

the archambos + the feuerborns: family portrait

What do you get when you have 3 families, 3 generations, 4 darling kiddos, and a beautiful August day? One super fun photo shoot!  Especially when all of the people in these photos are some of my favoritest people ever. We took advantage of having all 3 families in Oklahoma City (not to mention the Spring-like […]

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2014, a day in the life

santa fe daydream

Santa Fe will always remind me of my grandmother.   It is road trips that seemed (as a child) to last forever.  Of being squished in the backseat of her Cadillac Eldorado, listening to the Eagles or Brooks & Dunn.  Of writing silly “We’ve gone to see the world” notes with my cousin & hiding […]

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2014, senior portrait

greer: senior portrait

Greer is amazing.  I would say she’s kiiiiiiind of a big deal, but there is no ‘kiiiiiiind of’ about it.  She’s a big deal.  For reals.   She’s beautiful, with the most enviable hair, bright blue eyes, and a smile that lights up her whole face.  Add to that, she’s one smart cookie.  She’s in […]

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2014, family portrait, maternity portrait

allison: maternity

Before Allison & Doug welcomed the super handsome Stanley into the world, we did a quiet Maternity session at their home.  Snug in bed with warm cups of coffee (decaf for Allison, full strength for the future Dad), the couple read one of their favorite Dr Suess books and showed off Stanley’s new crib.  The lovely […]

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2014, children's portrait, family portrait

jensen: 1 yr portrait

It seems like just yesterday that I met with Brittany & Patrick for their Maternity Session…and in the blink of an eye, Jensen was turning 1! On a beautiful July day, the soon-to-be 1 yr old had a little bit of a sleepy start (hey, it’s hard to model right after a nap!)…but soon the […]

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circa 2013, engagement session

mallory+jesse: engagement

My cousin Mallory is one amazing lady… she’s one of the funniest, thoughtful & most charming people I know.  I’ve spent many hours quoting movies, jamming out to great music, & laughing for ridiculously long amounts of time with her.  Really, she’s more like a sister to me than a cousin.  We even have some […]

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circa 2013, couples portrait, maternity portrait

brittany+patrick: maternity

I’ve known this beautiful couple for years now.  In fact, I was there the very first time they met…and I could see right away that they were meant for each other.  Brittany’s smile was just a liiiiittle bit brighter when Patrick was around.  And Patrick’s face lit up any time he looked Brittany’s way.  It […]

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