all of the lights

So pretty much I have the most rad roommate ever.  There are a million reasons why Aaron is the coolest of the cool & I can seriously wax poetically for at least an hour about how cool he is.  But for this specific post I will just pick a few reasons.


The first reason I adore him is because he is so incredibly supportive.  For the past 4 years I’ve been honing my photog skillz, he has been one of my biggest supporters (along with some of my other wonderful friends & family!  Love you all too!).  He is always encouraging me to just go for it…to not be afraid & to be bold.  He’s always there for me when I go through my pre-photo shoot nervousness.  Which happens before every. single. shoot.  I mean, hey, you guys are trusting me to capture these big moments in your life & I want everything to be perfect…from your experience of the photo shoot to when you look at your images the first time and hopefully you’ll love them every time you see them.  So I get a little nervous & pack, then re-pack my camera gear.  But Aaron is always there…encouraging me to relax & his confidence in me helps me to go out & get that epic pic.  He also is the one who I make review my galleries before I finalize & burn to them to a disc.  Yes, he’s seen every one of your lovely faces & they all have his seal of approval.  There’s even been a few times where he’s helped me behind the scenes on a photo shoot or 2nd shot a wedding with me (and he’s aces).

But the biggest thing he’s supported me on is the big leap I took in launching my website & Facebook page.  I went through a billion layouts & ideas before landing on this one.  He was cheering me on the whole time…and also kindly telling me to put down the computer when it was 3am and my eyeballs felt like they were about to fall out of my head.

Yes, Aaron is pretty freakin awesome.


The second reason I adore him is because he’s always down to partake in a crazy, random, ‘soooo I have this idea’ photo shoot.  Which happens a lot in the Casa de Aarodith.  I love all of our “roommate sessions”, but I think this one may be my favorite.  I even have the first image in a 16X20 on the wall.


Thank you, Aaron, for being so absolutely wonderful.  For always being there for me.  For always supporting me in my dreams.  For always pushing me to be the best version of Meredith.  I’m such a lucky duck to have you in my life.

lights_0001 lights_0002 lights_0003


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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