sam newborn

When Tracy & Sean asked me to shoot their newborn session for their son, I was so touched.

I had worked with Sean and when he changed companies we still remained friends.  Through him I met his beautiful wife Tracy who is just amazing.  I met her at one of our mutual friends’ house and immediately knew she was the kind of gal I wanted to be friends with.  She’s hilarious and totally keeps Sean on his toes.   Plus, I seriously wish I had her hair!!


When I met them at their home for Sam’s Newborn session, I was blown away by the joy & new-parent pride radiating from Sean.  He seriously was beaming, grinning from ear to ear…I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile that much.  Unless he is talking about Tracy or looking in her direction.  Then Tracy came down the stairs, holding a tiny little bundle.  When she placed this tiny new baby in my arms, my heart melted.  And I totally knew exactly why Sean was beaming.  Sam is just perfection.


Browne Newborn_0001 Browne Newborn_0002 Browne Newborn_0003 Browne Newborn_0004 Browne Newborn_0005 Browne Newborn_0006 Browne Newborn_0007 Browne Newborn_0008 Browne Newborn_0009 Browne Newborn_0010 Browne Newborn_0011 Browne Newborn_0012 Browne Newborn_0013 Browne Newborn_0014 Browne Newborn_0015 Browne Newborn_0016 Browne Newborn_0017 Browne Newborn_0018 Browne Newborn_0019 Browne Newborn_0020 Browne Newborn_0021 Browne Newborn_0022 Browne Newborn_0023


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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