ashley maternity

When the lovely Ashley shared with me that the Rataic Crew was expecting, my first exclamation was “YAY!!!  Another adorable kid in the friend-family!!!!” and then was immediately followed by “Dude, when do we get to shoot your Maternity Portrait?!?”  (Guys, lemme tell ya, it’s tough being friends with a photog because all we want to do is take pictures of you…for realz.)  But with a Maternity Session, I had to be patient.  Something I sooooort of have a problem with being.


Side story:

We were all at a friends house having a Sunday dinner get-together, discussing Ashley’s upcoming doctor’s appointment and when we were planning to do a Maternity shoot (see?  I’m relentless!) and whatnot.  I looked at her baby bump and commented “Hey, you look a lot bigger than when you were pregnant with Camden…wouldn’t it be funny if you’re having twins?”  A few days later, Ashely called to let me know that apparently twins ran in both their families & instead of 1 adorable lil bebe, they are officially expecting 2 adorable lil bebes.  I’m so the baby whisperer.


As always, I love photographing the Rataics.  They always come up with the best ideas, dress to impress, and we always have a blast.  While we definitely wanted to document the Rataic Twins’ baby bump, we wanted it to be a whole family adventure.  So get ready for some ‘Garage Band’ and ‘fun with paint’ awesomeness…complete with Ashley looking absolutely stunning.


Rataic Maternity_0001 Rataic Maternity_0002 Rataic Maternity_0003 Rataic Maternity_0004 Rataic Maternity_0005 Rataic Maternity_0006 Rataic Maternity_0007 Rataic Maternity_0008 Rataic Maternity_0009 Rataic Maternity_0010 Rataic Maternity_0011 Rataic Maternity_0012 Rataic Maternity_0013 Rataic Maternity_0014 Rataic Maternity_0015 Rataic Maternity_0016 Rataic Maternity_0017 Rataic Maternity_0018 Rataic Maternity_0019 Rataic Maternity_0020 Rataic Maternity_0021 Rataic Maternity_0022 Rataic Maternity_0023


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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