rataic family

Once upon a time, in the year 2007, I moved back to OKC and started a brand new job.  While I was in training I met this really awesome chick named Ashley and asked if she wanted to go to lunch.  She said yes and I thought to myself “sweet! I just made my first work friend!” and was super excited.  We then proceeded to have the most awkward lunch in the history of my life.  So of course, being me, I rambled about nonsense foooooorever while Ashley picked at her bowl of potato soup.  See, little did I know that she was pregnant & battling morning sickness.  I just thought she hated me.  So I rambled even more (shocker, I know).  Finally the misunderstanding was explained & (thankfully) I did indeed make a friend.  Scratch that, I made a new best friend.


As I started my photography journey, the Rataics have been kind enough to let me be apart of their family’s journey…documenting so many moments of their lives.  Which means I have a ton of seriously rad galleries to share, so get ready.  They are always up for an adventure & are some of the snazziest dressers ever.  But beyond that, they are just beautiful people (both inside & out) that I love to spend time with.


This is one of my earlier family portrait sessions with them from October 2010…and I love it now even more than I loved it back then.  Thank you, Ron, Ashley & Camden, for taking a chance on a fledgeling photog.  Love you all to pieces.


Rataic Fall_0001 Rataic Fall_0002 Rataic Fall_0003 Rataic Fall_0004 Rataic Fall_0005 Rataic Fall_0006 Rataic Fall_0007 Rataic Fall_0008 Rataic Fall_0009 Rataic Fall_0010 Rataic Fall_0011 Rataic Fall_0012 Rataic Fall_0013 Rataic Fall_0014 Rataic Fall_0015 Rataic Fall_0016 Rataic Fall_0017 Rataic Fall_0018 Rataic Fall_0019 Rataic Fall_0020


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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