heilaman sisters

There are times when I really wish I had a sister.  Back in the winter of 2010 was definitely one of those times.


Why?  Because Cheryl & Brittany asked me to do a Christmas shoot for them.  And even though they are both stunning and have every right to act like total model divas, they instead are the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.  They’re also super fun and I’m genuinely surprised I was able to catch anything in focus because I laughed the. whole. time.


These girls.  They can rock a mean ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ like nobodies business, they have ‘Laser Eyes’ for days, & have a blast on the lake’s beach…even in the freezing cold.


Brittany+Cheryl_0001 Brittany+Cheryl_0002 Brittany+Cheryl_0003 Brittany+Cheryl_0004 Brittany+Cheryl_0005 Brittany+Cheryl_0006 Brittany+Cheryl_0007 Brittany+Cheryl_0008 Brittany+Cheryl_0009 Brittany+Cheryl_0010 Brittany+Cheryl_0011 Brittany+Cheryl_0012 Brittany+Cheryl_0013 Brittany+Cheryl_0014 Brittany+Cheryl_0015


Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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